At one point in time, BlackBerry was considered the platform of choice when it came to governments and enterprises. However that changed and iOS and Android devices started to take over, but as far as the UK government is concerned, it seems that having iPads around during government meetings may longer be as desirable as it once was. According to reports, it seems that the UK government is starting to fear that foreign intelligence agencies might have developed means in which they are able to turn mobile devices, such as iPads, into surveillance bugs without the owner’s knowledge, from which they are then able to listen in on government meetings without anyone being aware of it. Security officials have requested that iPads be removed during a meeting at 10 Downing Street last week. But what about phones? Can’t those be bugged too? Well considering that phones are needed to answer calls, perhaps having them in meetings might be necessary, but to prevent outsiders from listening in, government officials have since been issued soundproof lead-lined boxes that allows them to place their phone in the box during meetings or when confidential/sensitive information is being discussed. What do you guys make of this? Does the government truly have something to be paranoid about, especially with the US government’s PRISM program having been exposed?

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