Everyone should have heard of the very famous “Unsplash high-resolution free gallery material for personal or business projects” site, right? Unsplash can be regarded as the largest free photo gallery in the world at present. The texture of photos provided by the company is even more impressive. Not only is there no shadow of the standard style library, it can even be said that it is a photographic grade. Unsplash photos use a similar CC0 license but they are not the same. The biggest limitation is that they must not use photos for competitive services (in other words, photos cannot be transferred to other libraries), but they can be freely used for personal or commercial purposes. Mark the source of the source.

Because Unsplash is really too powerful and provides APIs for developers to use images freely, there are many softwares or services that come into being. They include Unsample, Unsplash It which can generate free sample test charts, placeholders, and Splashy for automatically changing wallpapers. Replace browser tab with Unsplash Instant for free gallery photos. If you are a website operator, make WordPress integrate free high-quality photo gallery through Instant Images and make full use of these free materials.

This article is to recommend “Unsplash Wallpapers” is the HD high-definition free wallpaper website provided by the Unsplash Gallery, from here you can find many carefully selected beautiful tablecloths, suitable for desktop computers and mobile phones, without registration, one click to download . Of course, these photos from Unsplash, if you want to be used as a website, the design is no problem.

These days Unsplash Wallpapers launch macOS free application. After the implementation, you can replace the wallpaper regularly, and quickly download the desktop images you want to use from Unsplash search. It is very practical for friends who like to change their mood from time to time. If you’re using an Android device, you can also download the Unsplash Wallpapers application. The current version of iOS is still under development and I believe it won’t take long to come.

free download: https://unsplash.com/wallpaper#mac-app