If you really love goats, or are born in the year of a goat, why not get it on your iPhone 6?

We’ve seen platinum-plated iPhones, gold-coated ones, and even diamond encrusted units, but to add on to this exclusive iPhone collection, UK-based company, Goldgenie’s unveiled one that is unlike any other.

In the lead-up to the new lunar year, Goldgenie’s new customised iPhone 6 sees it enveloped in 24k gold, in addition to a laser engraved, hand painted Chinese symbol of a goat on its back (because it is the year of the goat).

Of course, only the exterior of the device looks slightly different to your standard iPhone 6. Its innards are exactly that of what you’ll find in any other iPhone 6. And you’ll also get the standard Apple equipment as part of the set.



The only other difference is the packaging. Instead of the usual white cover, you the smartphone encased in a specially designed and deluxe cherry oak box.

But you’ll need to hurry if you want to get yourself one of these units – they’re limited editions and only 99 pieces exist. You’ll be able to purchase the 64GB model from £2637 (RM14,364), and the 128GB model for prices starting from £2837 (about RM15,453).

If you don’t quite like the gaudy gold version, there’s a rose gold and platinum alternative available too. Also, besides the iPhone 6, the company also can plate Samsung, HTC, and BlackBerry smartphones.

So go on, get yourselves one – you don’t have to wait till you get red packets to spend your monies on a limited edition iPhone 6.

Original Story : http://www.stuff.tv/my/apple/usher-lunar-new-year-limited-edition-year-goat-iphone-6/news