In addition to a number of tidbits about Valve and Steam itself, some of the biggest information coming out of Valve’s Steam Dev Days is about the controller itself.

Pictured above is the newly revised controller. Gone is the touch screen. In its place there are two sets of buttons that more closely resemble the configurations we see on modern gaming controllers. With this, game makers won’t have to consider whether or not to add inherent configuration for another controller into their game during development, not to mention the increased compatibility with the many games already available on Steam.

The controller will use AA batteries when it hits retail, but while the controller’s API is available in the SteamWorks development kit, many other aspects of the controller are still in the works.

The controller has gyroscopes, for example, but they aren’t featured in the firmware just yet.

The team has only just begun to start processing beta feedback, so we can look forward to more updates before the controller hits shelves.

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