As long as you don’t mind rocking a smartphone with an E-Ink screen, that is

Chinese manufacturer Onyx has unveiled a smartphone which promises to last two whole weeks on a single charge. Hooray!

Its impressive longevity is all down to its 4.3in E-Ink display. Unlike the Yotaphone which has a standard LCD screen with an E-Ink one on its rear, providing instant access to updates without turnign the main screen back on, the InkPhone only has a single E-Ink screen. Like an e-reader. Boo!

E-Ink screens are terrible for gaming, browsing, or anything else that requires even a half decent refresh rate, and the InkPhone won’t appeal to power users with their vast collection of apps, games and movies.

It doesn’t have a camera, and its 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of expandable storage and Android 2.3 (yes, that’s Gingerbread) won’t exactly set your pulse racing either.

But, that E-Ink screen will gently sip on its 1800mAh battery without running it dry after a day, making the InkPhone an ideal choice for gadgeteers looking for a phone that refuses to die.

With an expected price tag of €140 (RM763), it could be the best choice for festival fans after it lands in Germany and Poland next month.

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